GPS Vaccination Clinics

GPS Hosting COVID Vaccination Clinics at O'Maley and GHS

The Gloucester Public Schools are very happy to announce that the City of Gloucester is providing free COVID-19 vaccinations for all O’Maley students and on Gloucester High School Students on Monday, May 24 at each school.

The Gloucester Health Department and Curative have a limited number of doses for this Monday’s clinic.

If you would like have your O'Maley or GHS student get the COVID vaccination, please click on the links below and follow the the instructions to register your student at their school.

There are many advantages to being vaccinated. In addition to lowering our student's chances of getting sick from COVID, those who are vaccinated keep others safer and will be able to stay in school and not quarantine. Also, the mort students who are vaccinated the more likely we are to start with a regular school day and school year start in September

For more information about the importance of COVID vaccinations for teens and children, you may want to read this article by area pediatrician Ian Sklaver.

Local Pediatricians Encourage Vaccination

Several local pediatricians are encouraging their patients to consider vaccination to protect themselves and their loved ones from serious illness from COVID-19. Please click here to read more from

"I strongly advise parents to get their adolescent children immunized against COVID-19,” said Dr. Ian Sklaver, of Garden City Pediatric Associates in Beverly. “While serious infections from COVID are uncommon in adolescents, they do occur. The best way to protect your children is by getting them vaccinated. COVID will continue to spread until a large majority of people are immune. Immunization helps protect us all; it is our best shot!"

“I strongly encourage all my patients to get the Pfizer vaccine,” said Dr. Brian Orr, of Brian Orr Pediatrics in Gloucester. “Getting everyone vaccinated is the only way for us to get out of this pandemic. The vaccine is highly effective and is the one I received when I got vaccinated. Help us end this pandemic! Get your kids vaccinated.”