Remote Learning FAQ

Question: Will parents have the option for the remote learning model for their child?

Answer: Yes. Families may choose either the recommended School-Based option or the full-time Remote Learning option

Question: How do I let the school system know that I am choosing remote learning for my child?

Answer: Family Selection Forms were emailed to parents and guardians of elementary and middle school students on 8/17 and 8/19 respectively. Links to the form can be found on the home page of Back Together GPS. Elementary submittal deadline is 8/21 and middle school submittal is 8/23.

Question: How will remote learning be delivered?


  • Instruction will be provided by Gloucester classroom teachers.

  • Student learning will be entirely remote and consist of live and/or pre-recorded lessons along with corresponding work. Students will also use web-based learning and assessment tools such as Lexia.

  • When students are doing remote learning they will have a daily and weekly class schedule just like they do when they are in school.

  • The curriculum will follow the same grade-level state standards that are followed in Gloucester schools.

  • Attendance will be taken and work will be graded and report cards will be issued.

  • * Please note - GPS will not be using the EdGenuity remote learning platform that is being provided by the state department of education.

Question: Will the remote learning be available for special education students?

Answer: Yes. Students must receive all services documented in their IEP to the greatest extent possible. However, the services may be delivered differently given a remote learning environment.

Question: What will the structure or expectations be for the remote learning model?

Answer: DESE has instructed districts to provide a more robust remote learning model. Remote learning lessons will include live instruction, pre-recorded lessons, and corresponding work. Please refer to the Remote Learning Model Section for all grade levels in the Plan for a Safe Return to School located on the Back Together GPS website.

Question: Can my child start with remote learning and switch to in person learning when I feel that it is safe?

Answer: Students enrolled in the remote learning model will have to wait until either the end of the trimester (elementary) or the end of the quarter (middle and high school) is completed to switch into or out of remote learning.