COVID Testing Program

Get Free Rapid Tests for Your GPS Students

All GPS families can get a free weekly Rapid COVID Test to take at home for their children who attend the Gloucester Public Schools.

Click here to Sign Up and and our schools will provide a free Rapid COVID Test for your GPS student to use once per week.

For more information about distribution to families and the tests we are providing, please click here.

Three Options for Testing Your GPS Students and Making Sure You Know Their COVID Status

At-Home Rapid Antigen Testing

All students who are signed up get a free test to do at home every week. These tests are free to all GPS families and are done at home. To start receiving your free tests for your GPS student, please sign up here.

For more information about these test and how we will distribute them, please go here.

Report a positive result from an At-Home Rapid Test, by clicking here.

Please email

In-School Weekly

COVID Safety Check

This weekly test happens in our schools on Monday or Tuesday depending which school your child attends. The tests are free and available to all students.

This is the pool or group testing we have been offering all school year.

  1. CLICK HERE to register online for Weekly COVID Testing

  2. CLICK HERE to download a form that you can print and complete

For more detailed information about our Routine COVID Safety Checks, please go here.

In-School Symptomatic Testing

If your child experiences COVID Symptoms in school, our school nurses can provide a rapid antigen test to quickly check them for COVID.

To allow us to test your child if they have symptoms in school, please sign up here.