Every Day Matters GPS

This site contains the information and resources for how students, staff, and families can help make sure we stay safe, healthy, and have regular full, and in-person school days every day and every week all year long.

For the most recent weekly report of COVID cases, please see our COVID Dashboard

Positive COVID Test? Please click here to report a Positive COVID Test.

Get Free Rapid Tests for Your GPS Students

All GPS families can get a free weekly Rapid COVID Test to take at home for their children who attend the Gloucester Public Schools.

Click here to Sign Up and and our schools will provide a free Rapid COVID Test for your GPS student to use once per week.

For more information about distribution to families and the tests we are providing, please click here.

COVID-19 Testing Site at O'Maley Middle School 6 Days Every Week

To get tested, you can register on site or use this link:

The O'Maley Middle School site is open

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and

8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday

COVID Cases are Declining Locally. Please Continue to Take Precautions

Our schools are doing much better this week with COVID and other illnesses student and staff attendance are at normal winter time levels.

However, we urge our families and staff to remember that Omicron COVID is still spreading rapidly and to take care. To keep your child and other students safe in our schools, please continue to do the following:

  • Please stop having parties including birthday parties. Birthday parties and other parties are spreading COVID in Gloucester. If you must have any sort of gathering, make it small (fewer than five people), make sure everyone wears a face mask, or have it outside.

  • Wear a mask at all indoor gatherings. If you must meet inside for any reason with a group of people, please wear a face mask and make sure your child wears on too.

  • Keep your student home if they have any cold symptoms at all. Many, many more students are coming down with illness including the flu and colds. If your child is not feeling well, please keep then at home so they won't other people sick.

  • Get vaccinated and get your children vaccinated for COVID and the flu. Vaccinations are free and easily available. Everyone who is 18 years or older is eligible to get a COVID booster shot. Get accurate and up to date information about the vaccines at the Mass Vax Finder

Families, Colleagues, and Community Members,

Every day in school is a gift. It is like gold.

Last year, our schools and the Gloucester Community did a fabulous job keeping our students in school, safe, and healthy. We learned that when we support each other, work together, and appreciate the hard work of our fellow community members, Gloucester accomplishes remarkable things.

This year we aim for every day to be a regular, full length, in-person school day for every student for the entire year.

Unfortunately, COVID is still with us, so we must continue with a modified set of COVID safety protocols. As the Delta Variant sweeps the nation, these protocols will help prevent the spread of COVID in our schools. These important steps, all of which we did so very well last year, will keep our students and staff healthy, and help ensure that our schools are open every day so our students get the support and education they need and our community and families can operate fully.

Please be sure to check yourself and your child for symptoms every day and please keep them home if they are feeling sick.

There's also good news. This year close contacts with no symptoms will not always have to quarantine and miss school. Our Safety Protocols including who is exempt from quarantine, can be reviewed here.

We are looking forward to welcoming back students and families to our schools. On Tuesday, August 31, our schools will be filled with energy, excitement, new faces, old friends, and a lot of learning. Our educators, staff, and school leaders will do what they always do – connect with students, work together to support our students, and show up every day ready to teach and prepare Gloucester’s children and teenagers so they can achieve their dreams.

Ben Lummis


Use this site as your "go-to" spot for information and resources for being in school safely.

What Parents & Guardians Must Know about Returning to School

  1. Stay Home if Sick -- Make sure to do a COVID-19 Symptom Check everyday before your child comes to school. Use our COVID-19 Symptoms Check Guide.

  2. Masks & Face Coverings - All students (PK-12) and all staff must wear masks or face coverings. Families are expected to supply their child's/children's masks. Please be sure your child comes to school every day with a face covering or mask. See our Masks & Face Coverings for tips for selecting and wearing a mask safely.

  3. What if? - We have clearly defined Protocols in case a student or staff member has symptoms or gets COVID-19. See all of our COVID-19 Scenario Protocols.

  4. Health Hand Hygiene - We have added hundreds of hand sanitizing stations in all of our schools. Students will wash or sanitize their hands regularly.

  5. Fall Athletics at GHS - Fall Athletics are a full go for the Fall of 2021. Athletes do not need to wear masks when outdoors and are required to wear masks when indoors.

After looking at our Safety & Health page, if you have more questions, please contact your School Principal and talk to your child's teacher. They will have answers that are specific to your school or student.

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