Weekly COVID-19 Testing

Gloucester High School and O'Maley Middle School

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Starting after February vacation, the Gloucester Public Schools will start a Weekly COVID testing program at O'Maley School and Gloucester High School. We are piloting this program with our students and the staff at O’Maley and GHS because these schools have had a higher rate of positive cases than our pre-school and elementary schools and any possible spread is more likely to occur with older students.

Our current safety measures combined with testing for staff and students will lower the risk of transmission and allow us to continue our in-person learning. The more people who participate, the safer we will all be.

Why are we trying out Weekly Group Testing at O'Maley and GHS?

  • Pooled testing can quickly detect, trace, and isolate COVID-19 positive individuals. This will help us lower the risk of transmission and allow us to have more consistent in-person instruction.

  • Testing is quick and easy and is not painful or invasive

  • Participating in the pooled testing program is free

  • The program is voluntary but is strongly encouraged to help reduce the risk of COVID-19

  • Guardians need to sign a one-time consent form for their students to participate in pooled testing

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Sign Up by Following the Links Below

O'Maley Student Sign Up and Consent - Use code DNWWDX

GHS Student Sign up and Consent - Use code MPLBFW

GHS Students 18 years and older Signup and Consent - Use code ITSKNG

STAFF - O'Maley Staff Sign Up and Consent - Use code XBEWZK

STAFF - GHS Staff Sign Up and Consent - Use code ITSKNG

How does Gloucester's Weekly COVID Testing work?

The type of testing we are using is called “Pooled Testing.” Pooled testing makes it easier and faster to find individuals who might have COVID-19. Here is how it works:

  • Participating students and staff are tested individually once a week with a nasal swab. Most students will be able to swab themselves.

  • Then, ten swabs will be placed in the same tube, creating a group of swabs called a “pool.” The pool is sent to a lab where the whole pool is tested for COVID-19 at one time.

  • If the pool test comes back negative, all students in the pool are COVID-negative. In this case, you will not hear from the school. Parents, students and staff will not be notified if your pooled test result is negative.

  • If the pool test comes back positive, it means that at least one person in the pool is COVID-positive. In this case, all individuals in that pool will be re-tested at school. Individuals in a positive pool will be tested at school the morning after the pooled result is returned for an individual follow-up test. The school will contact every family of a student in a positive pool and advise you to isolate until the next school day when the follow up test will happen.

  • Individual follow-up tests produce results in 15 mins. If the individual follow-up test comes back negative, the student continues with school as normal. If the individual follow-up test comes back positive, the Gloucester Department of Health will guide the family on how the student should quarantine and be taken care of. Nurses from the Gloucester Department of Health and the school will also reach out to start the contact tracing process.